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Concert announcement  

Hi again friends & family !


Happy to announce our second concert of the series before we hit the studio and record our new LP!

April 19th at the Saratoga City Center !!

We hope to see you all there! Find details on the concert date page. 


Updates and Information  


Hello again my friends!

Opening night was a beautiful thing thanks to you all whom attended and shown your love for music!

Our next show is in the making we have many new additions and songs waiting to present to you and make your night with SSGB unforgettable !!

We would like to welcome Brian Melick on board the Gypsy Train!! (Percussionist)

more info coming I will do my best to keep you all informed.






Hello my friends first thank you for taking a moment to check out SSGB much gratitude.

The band includes long time members of the Marcus Ruggiero Band. You can hear them on many of my records through out the years. 

We will be introducing them very soon.

The SSGB was formed due to the music I’ve been writing, the acoustic versions do well on there own although to do justice for the songs for the upcoming ext LP collection a group collaboration was needed.

We will keep you informed as much as possible through out the stages of the band from beginning rehearsals to concert touring and all the intricacies in between.

Thank you again I hope to see you at our opening night!!